fat lip.

so get this. im totally that mom that spaced that I needed to get liv's updated shot records for preschool...oops. i finally had time to swing by the pediatrician's office today & pick em up. i even called ahead so they'd be ready & waiting. liv came with me. um, I don't really know what or how it happened but somehow my graceful child ran 90 mph directly into the front desk counter. immediately, blood was everywhere. no stiches needed but really? at least she knows to get injured at the right place. ice and nurses were there within seconds. ta ha.

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Courtney said...

then mental picture I get of her 'running 90mph into the front desk' is AMAZING! ha!

PS: thank you for lunch today!

judyandroger said...

Those beautiful eyes .....STILL stand out over the fat lip!Glad there wasn't a front tooth missing !