fat lip.

so get this. im totally that mom that spaced that I needed to get liv's updated shot records for preschool...oops. i finally had time to swing by the pediatrician's office today & pick em up. i even called ahead so they'd be ready & waiting. liv came with me. um, I don't really know what or how it happened but somehow my graceful child ran 90 mph directly into the front desk counter. immediately, blood was everywhere. no stiches needed but really? at least she knows to get injured at the right place. ice and nurses were there within seconds. ta ha.

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love this.

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a sprinkle.

do you have that one person in your life who you just randomly met one day, struck up a conversation, & have been great friends with ever since? well that one person in my life is my gal kristyn. she is such a dear & my creative go-to. she owns an adorable store called olivers twist. (follow her blog by clicking.) anyways, she offered to throw me not quite a baby shower, but just a lil sprinkle for babe barrett #2. ;) so thoughtful & i was honored. also so happy that it worked out my awesome texas family could be there. not a detail was missed. sweet tea (she knows me too well) & the most adorable "craft minute" you've ever seen. handmade onesies & burpcloths made with love by everyone there. it was laidback, fun, and simply perfect. thanks again k, i love your guts.


a week of firsts.

i remember after liv started walking feeling like all her "firsts" we're slowly dwindling. i was so wrong. not to get all mushy & deep, but seriously raising a child is the coolest. watching your lil baby turn into a lil person. this past week we had our first dance class (tap & ballet) & our first day of preschool. she rocked at both of them. although my daughter is not the youngest, she is definitely the smallest in her dance class. however, don't be fooled, she can shufflekick with the best of them. (haha, go ahead and call me into that TLC show.) & as far as preschool goes...how about learning (& nailing) the days of the week already. i'm one proud momma. can u tell? never say never. im one braggin blogger, ta ha! happy weekend folks!

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warning: photoshoot overload

last weekend we had the honor of my adorable friend & hilarious fellow blogger, courtney's sister (did you follow all that?) capture this moment where we are in our lives. i'm gonna be the first to tell you i LOVE being pregnant...but this gal here has not missed A meal. or a snack. or any opportunity to take a bite of food in general for the last 35 weeks. 35 weeks pregs & 35 pounds i have gained. i embrace it. oh yes i have to do double, sometimes triple-takes when i pass by a mirror...but i'm fat. happy. glowing and growing. and up for the challenge post-babe. all that being said, i wasn't quite sure how i was going to feel about having a "photoshoot" after weeks of having 100+ heat & major water retention. um, i may look a bit "swoll" but putting my selfish whining self byside...holy crap, i love our pictures! i got the cd of photos in the mail last nite & i'm just over the moon for how she captured my sweet husband & lil girl. so here's a warning: i majorly tried to limit what to post on here. but there's a lot. & i don't know how to do a slideshow. and it's my blog so i can do what i want, right? thanks again heather for your time! you rocked it lady. you are simply a doll. a talented doll. enjoy the overload folks!

p.s. yes, that balloon is real. and it took me about 14-18 minutes to get it in my car.


so long oakland ave...

we closed! we sold our first home to an adorable couple...and get this... the gal and i are due a week apart! they are so excited & we even had a group hug at closing. & i only cried twice. we loved our home on oakland ave. so many sweet memories. we put a ton of work into that house and loved the character. i think we had every "creak" in our hardwood floors memorized after we had liv. the backyard hosted some great memorable parties including: my mom's surprise 50th bash, my 30th bday par-tay, and one of the funniest "white trash trailer bashes" in history. i'm sure it was a lot of hormones that made me so emotional about this decision but in the end, i've realized it truly is just a house & it's your family that make it a home! we'll miss it, but know it's time to find our next home that our kids will truly "grow up" in. fully equipped with bedrooms all on the same level, city water & perhaps even a real pantry. we're holding off really house-hunting & moving until AFTER baby barrett #2's arrival. we want to take our time and not just settle on a house. plus moving at 33 weeks prego is no.fun. and to be honest....the extra help, home-cooked meals, stashing cash and liv still getting plenty of attention comes at perfect timing. it's really easy when your parents are your best friends. we are so blessed. we're not roughing it by any means, and we all have our own bedrooms, (even the new babe!) score! so stay tuned to future posts, "tales from the compound!" haha.


do u kinda miss me?

what a whirlwind of a couple of
weeks! i have many things to share and ramble and talk about... but i'm gonna sit down in front of a real computer and do it. not during a pregnancy insomnia moment while laying uncomfortably in bed. til then I'm going to post a 32 week prego shot. taken from the h&m dressing room during a much needed moving break. did someone say B-U-M-P? im excited about this weekend! lots of fun stuff on the horizon including: fam from texas coming! maternity/family photo session! my "sprinkle" hosted by my sweet friend kristyn! and i may even sneak in a much needed pedi somewhere in there... chat soon dolls! happy almost weekend!

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welcome berkley!

after 5 months of strict bedrest, my sweet friend brandi had another precious lil girl, berkley eve! so thrilled for our friends! she's just perfect & of course already mastered her mommas regimented feeding schedule! haha, love ya b. (i swear this mom needs to write a book) seriously had this baby on a schedule before they left the hospital. impressive. my child is 3 and sometimes goes to bed at her bedtime. ;). congrats popp fam! so glad i'm knocked up because holding that sweet babe gives me major baby fever.

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