just wanted to say "hay."


six shining months!!!

unbelievable! our bundle 'o' joy is half a year old! isn't it crazy how fast time flies yet i cant quite remember what life was like before her...our family has had quite a hard week. my dear pop passed away early monday morning. (explains my hat pulled down to cover my puffy eyes). my grandpa was without of doubt one of the most amazing men this world has seen...after 5 months of being critically ill he's no longer suffering..with jesus...sipping on his favorite peach milkshakes. i could go on and on but i'll save it for another "post." right now im celebrating the best 6 months of sweet memories, sleep deprivation, laughter, spit-up, blowouts, babies r us trips, stroller rides, and hairbows. i know we probably shouldn't subject our dear child to politics, especially during one of the most controversial elections ever...but my hubby and i choose the "mama" over obama. my fabulous auntie julo sent liv this embroidered "palin power" onesie. SARAH was actually in indianapolis today..i had reserved tickets but to make a long story short... since we were out of town all week, apparently they let more people rsvp than they had tickets for. i was so disappointed but still dressed our lil firecracker in honor of the occasion. dutch's sister, sister-n-law and niece got here to indy late last night and we took them downtown. yes, our daughter is sitting on a canon. in the civil war musuem. what a way to celebrate, huh?


sweeeet potatoes...

liv LOVES her some sweet potatoes. uncle eric came over just in time for dinner last night and helped feed his favorite niece... i'm wondering if she actually swallowed anything... classic.


happy fall y'all...

yay! after a month of not having a camera...we're back in business.. something about becoming parents makes everyday feel like a photo opportunity...why is that? so here's the latest with us: liv is nuts. so much fun and just completely nuts. the child still has not slept through the night..she wakes up at least once every 3 hours...she doesn't cry or fuss..she wakes up to SING. im not kidding. dutch and i dont go in to get her, we just hear her over the monitor singing her little heart out... she sings for about 30-45 minutes until she realizes no one is paying attention and then the fireworks start. we plan to start the "tough love" soon so wish us luck...but i can't tell you how many nights at 3 a.m. dutch and i just look at each other with tired eyes and have to laugh. not even 6 months old yet and she's a rockstar. she changing everyday and never ceases to amaze us. she also has started to really belly-laugh out loud and it really just makes my day. so we had a fun-filled "fall" day...we headed to"brown county"...a gorgeous drive of changing leaves to an adorable quaint lil town full of pumpkins, bales of hay, caramel apples and signs that say "happy fall y'all." you would think october in indiana would be time for layers and hot chocolate... well, not so much. it was 86 degrees today! and liv's fabulous fall outfit had to be stripped off of her after 20 minutes of being out and about. (of course i still had to stick her hot pumpkin hat on her just for a few pics...) we went with some of our good friends, kevin and brandi..and their new lil bundle of joy, 4 month old mckenzie.. i snapped this pic of the boys feeding lunch to their baby girls...i love how they have the same exact pose going on.