pic o the week.

i'm cooking dinner & turn around to see this sight. it blows my mind how quick she can climb up there..and i love that she's browsing through the urban outfitters "early fall" catalog.


photobooth fun.

i would perfer if every event/wedding/party i attend in the future would have a photobooth. so fun! i officially love them, almost as much as i love my date.


where a kid can be a kid.

oh chuck e. cheese, how i've missed you these last 20 years...liv waited so patiently as her parents had a fierce ski-ball competition going...my tickets were out of control!! 179 tickets scored us a dum-dum sucker and a bracelet that said "all-that." awesome.


i've so been missing in action lately. to be honest i've been soaking up the rest of summer as much as possible with these guys... i have a feeling im a much better blogmom when there's snow on the ground and it gets dark at 6pm. chat more then! xoxo.



okay i know i should sit down and do some serious bloggin. like talk about all the adorable stories i have tucked away just waiting to be shared, upload my 30th bash pics, or even the video of my little nugget singing her abc's in the sweetest voice you've ever heard...but for right now i just have to show you my newest obsession. the boxcycle. why do i want to put everyone and everything i love in that box and drive them around? seriously, how fun is this?



wow.. it's official. the ole "eb" has hit the big 3-0. and i have to say if my third decade is anything like the birthday weekend extravaganza i had, i am going to love it!! i am blown away at what amazing family and friends i have. more details to come.. im a bit wiped out right now.. but wanted to post this clip of the little love of my life. oh how she brightens my world.