year in review.

we hope everyone had a very merry happy everything! our december like everyone else's was non-stop and i can not believe i seriously don't have any pictures from our amazing christmas to post. i guess i was just too "wrapped up!" {and still not quite fully recovered from the worst stomach virus ever, ugh.} we got some great video of liv's adorable surprise reaction to santa's visit..but it's 12 minutes long & i dont know how to edit it shorter. this year was a blast, liv "got it" and the elf on the shelf could possibly be the most genious thing ever invented. i somehow fell more in love with my child after she named our elf, schnizzle. awesome. so i'm really on the never-ending mission to organize my life and finally made the effort of uploading pictures from my cell phone. the other night i started scrolling through those 1200+ pictures (in chronological order) and i realized that 2010 pretty much has been an incredible year. so in this lovely post i'm doing a random "year in review through my cell phone kodak moments." here's wishing all a happy, healthy, and prosperous year. bring it on twentyeleven!
1. new years day (2010) in minnesota 2. friends in texas 3. planting a new pom-pom tree 4. happy easter 5. first ice-cream truck 6. touchdown! 7. elmo in nyc 8. brunch in bryant park 9. hydrangeas & lunch 10. sidewalk chalk 11. benefit runs 80's style 12. new trampoline! 13. lounging poolside 14. visiting daddy @ the firestation 15. texas heat in indiana! 16. playdates 17. staying hydrated 18. summer wedding w a hot date 19. surprise birthday mimosas with my bff, elizabeth. 20. puppy kisses 21. my lil cupcake baker 22. root beer float 23. coolness 24. roadtrip 25. pumpkin train 26. sponge rollers 27. school pictures 28. "cago wif vanna" aka chicago with savannah 29. just a swingin' 30. naptime at school 31. go colts 32. new blocks


have a 'rockin' christmas..

i know this gal sure plans to...


just heavenly!

i'm sure a lot of you out there follow that sweet lil 'nie's blog.{see under "loves it" sidebar if you dont.} i'm telling you the truth i just totally gasped when i saw this creative goodness. not quite sure i'll pull it together in time for this year..but mark my words, come holiday season 2011, im sooooo stealing this idea! how sweet is this? l-o-v-e!


my favorite part of the day...

this time of the year is...

2010 christmas card.



so i'm gonna be honest, people have told me my daughter resembles me...i've never really seen it. they make comments, such as "i can't believe she doesn't have really blonde hair"... & i think to myself "ha, hope they don't check out these roots." anyways, liv was at my mom's helping her decorate the "kid tree" aka the tree with all the ornaments my brother and i made from preschool on.. so sweet, mom. liv picks up an ornament that obviously one of our many dogs we've had in our lifetime had gotten a hold of... and proclaims, "wook! it's wiv!" (don't judge, she can't pronounce her "L's" yet.) no wittle miss wiv, that would be your momma, at about age 3..
what do you think? do you see why my dad calls her "little-erin"?


sweet and petite.

finally had liv's "two and a half" well visit today.. her original appointment was scheduled the morning we ended up in the emergency room getting stitches in our brow. oops. anyways, here's the stats. she's healthy and growing a.o.k. 26.5 lbs. 34.5 inches tall. ( i think..i left her sheet sitting on the exam table, just call me supermom.) anyways, she's pretty much just a petite lil bundle of perfection. hope you're enjoying the hustle and bustle of this fun-filled month!


happy december!

december is here, & on this snowy evening... yes, its snowing. i'd like to share a few holiday wintery inspirational images that i've stumbled upon that make me happy. also, take any little ones in your life to go see "tangled." such a cute flick. seriously. liv didn't move through the whole thing. oh, and do 3d glasses really effect your kids vision if they wear them too young? or is that just an old wives tale?