must love dogs.

we went to our favorite park yesterday.
we played tic-tac-toe.
we went on a shoulder ride.
we ate a juicy slice of watermelon.
we laughed with dad.
and then we saw the cutest puppy.
(whadda you know? i cant get the video to turn again. turn head to the left.)
theres nothing like hearing your child squeal with excitement...
hope you had a happy monday!

extra! extra! read all about it!

sit down for this one. liv called me.....mommy!
that's right. she sure did. i am so happy.
although i do have to admit i thought it was kinda funny to say she had 2 daddys..

retraction from previous post.

well folks the old saying holds true. "don't judge a book by it's cover." the new cookbook lost me today somewhere between the "japenese eggplant with haloumi & mint" and "baby grilled octopus." seriously? liv had boca chicken nuggets, green beans, mashed potatoes, strawberries & yogurt for dinner tonight. she ate every bite. maybe i'll get a wild hair and attempt the "pancetta squash & kale risotto" another evening... at least the book looks cute in my kitchen.


life lately.

1. molars are so overrated. liv has had a tough time cuttin these lil boogers. we've had a lot of this face.. but more importantly can anyone else notice that she's getting a bit more hair? and if youre wondering whats on her plate..that would be a destroyed cheese tortillia. which brings me to #2..

2. im in a major food rut. i feel like im running out of ideas of what to feed this growing tot. i went today & bought this cookbook. i think i love it. supposedly, you just have to take ONE HOUR at the beginning of the week and prep the food, freeze it, and then it gives you a week full of different recipes. i'll let you know how it goes since im not quite the chef.. if you have any fav & simple ideas, be a dear and please leave me a comment.

3. im really impressed i just uploaded that pic of that cookbook. also, the new 1969 skinny jeans from THE GAP are a must purchase for all you ladies. they fit amazing and are soo comfortable. no muffintop or crack. lovesit. go get some. tell them erin sent ya.

4. we joined the library today. it was adorable. liv LOVES books. its like super target times 10 in there. she freaks out. and she doesnt like to leave. i found this out when i tried and it ended in..."arch-back-limp-body-throw-yourself-on-the-ground-kick-your-feet-high-pitch-screaming-complete-meltdown-in-the-quiet-library." really? are we at this phase now? oh what fun.

5. i bought a sticker today. a big one. and its a chalkboard. im obsessed. and im sticking on my fridge. i cant wait to decorate it. pic to come.


a perfect summer evening.

with wagons. ice cream cones. my pup. and of course my 2 biggest fans, daddy & daddy. yes, liv still calls me daddy. and dont worry..we gave liv the first licks.

someone stole poppy's specs..

our goofy gal's new words this week:
"stinky" and "yes m'aam"
we are so proud.

slumber party!

mak & liv's first real slumber party!
cutest thing ever to see those little boogers hug on each other all night.
of course, our guest makenzie slept 12 hours straight..
while miss liv wanted to party ALL NIGHT. thank goodness for eye cream.


junk in the trunk.

the broad ripple farmers market could quite possibly be the most adorable thing ever.
check out that melon.



sometimes things get a bit too loud when im shopping with my mom.
so i have to cover up my other ear so i can hear better on my phone.



just wanted to give a lil holla. here's a weekly wrap-up..had a girls trip to kentucky to visit with family (including my dearest auntie julo, fab cousin jana & her adorable kiddos, caton & gage!) we had a great time and made some good memories. i miss them already. i turned a year older on sunday. im feeling my age & outta shape. i signed me and mom up for a half-marathon in october. wish us luck. yesterday was not a good day. dutch and liv were on their way home... a lady lost control of her car and slammed into them. thank GOD they are ok. scared "the living daylights" out of me. is that a saying? dutch called the paramedics and they checked liv out..she was pretty upset because of the loud noise and the jolt..but calmed down quickly and was "ballerining" within the hour. just really opened my eyes and once again made me realize whats really important in life. we had crazy bad storms here yesterday. like a monsoon. or perhaps a tsunami. lightning struck our well. like our water well. and yes we have a well. and no we dont live out in the country. $1700 and 26 hours later, i am now able to wash my hair and bathe my child. at least i have a healthy & safe child though, right? can't blog without pics so here's a few randoms.by the way will someone give me a lesson on how to line up these pics on here..i walked into the living room last week & liv had found her monkey backpack, put it on all by herself and was watching wheel of fortune. loved it. me & my "bundle-o-fun" cuz jana..and her hungry son gage. happy humpday! wishing you a grand rest of the week!