liv is all about big girl food. how could crunching on an apple be so fun to watch? it's the simple things, right. her other current favs? dancing to britney spears. should i be worried?


double digits!

what a fantastic age! liv is a petite lil thing weighing in at 16 lb, 10 oz. & has six pearly whites! this past month has been without a doubt our absolute favorite. between pattycake, sooooo big, waving bye-bye, making us laugh all the time AND...are you ready for this ladies & gents...... our crazy fireball FINALLY SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT! after reading every sleep book out there, lots of hard work & multiple starbucks trips..she did it! dutch and i could not be happier. im posting a clip from other night at bathtime..dutch was on shift & im assuming she was missing her da-da? (turn on your volume.) happy 10 months liv! we love u tons!


happy hearts day!

wishing you lots o love.
xoxo, liv brooks


you know you're a mom when...

  • you realize you've just spent over 3 hours of your afternoon playing "pee-pie" (our version of peek-a-boo)

  • you feel like a total rockstar when you have shaved legs & freshly washed blown-out hair

  • you have got "sucked" into reading the twilight series. are you kidding me?

  • much later in the day...you find a banana slice in the cuff of your jean from breakfast

  • after a big snow storm, you realize you have no ice scrapper in your car... and use a teething ring. perfect.

  • you have way too detailed conversations with your spouse about the consistency, color & amount of "poo."

  • your current favorite "accessory" are now... finger puppets. are these not adorable?