1 month.

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oh hey, okay im still looking for my hour to blog all about our lil man finn. but until then I had to give his big sis liv a shout-out for already being an amazing big sister and such a ray of sunshine. she was officially "free n a haf" yesterday. and it looks like she took it upon herself & decided she needed a photo opp to document the day. awesome.

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it's a...

B-O-Y! finn judson barrett arrived thursday september 22nd at 10:45 pm. weighing in at a plump 8 lb 5 oz. & 21 inches long. he is simply perfection and we are beyond thrilled to be blessed with this little boy. as most of you know, finn's birth did not go as we had "visioned" & i have so so so much i want to write about this. i've thought about it so many times on how to put into words on how the first two weeks of finn's life have changed all of our lives forever. how i experienced the highest highs and the lowest lows in 14 days. i need a good healthy hour with no distractions to really just blog my heart out...ha. and i need to be functioning on a bit more sleep. ;) but for now i just wanted to let the blogworld know i am alive. the barretts are officially a family of four. and are still thanking GOD every day for healing our sweet finn.