can i just freeze her?

bragging, i'm bragging. oh don't get me wrong we have lots of "challenging" moments from our 3 year old but she makes us crylaugh every.single.day. no doubt, she's my saving grace during this chaotic time of our lives. (sold house, can't find a house to move into, third trimester in pregnancy) just those lil things... she is my bestest bud and having full conversations with your kid is pretty much the most awesome thing ever. she asks to watch "just a few minutes of elf" every nite before bed. yes the will ferrell movie. ok i'm done, thanks for listening. don't ask me what's going on with her hair. she kinda looks like justin beiber. we may need a bang trim.

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a birthday bonanza weekend!

what a fun-filled weekend! liv's bff makenzie turned 3 & my sweet momma turned another year younger. liv and I are still on a sugar buzz. love you both, so glad we could celebrate together!

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love these! it's the little things.

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props to pops.

i'm not gonna beat around the bush here, I think mr. dutch barrett is a stellar dad. hands-on, patient, teaching, fun, willing, and a hard-workin pa. & i'm glad I snagged him! happy fathers day! (seriously this pic of them gazing at each other is candid!) we were out to breakfast this morning and i snapped it at a petfect time. love it!

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growing, growing, growing.

lots of things in my life have really just taken off and "bloomed" lately... and i love it.

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pic o the week

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real estate slump?

not so much, check this out...

this guy "sold" in 43 days! i'm a mixed emotions hormonal basketcase! love this first home of ours soooo much, but we're on to the next chapter.. which hopefully will include an actual pantry & no well water, ha. and no we have NO house we love to move into and YES i'm having a baby in 3 months.

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pool day, what!

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reason #94 i heart being a momma.

handmade potty charts!

yes, our child is 3 years old & still not mastered potty training. don't judge, we have issues. ha! at least we think she's real cute.


a racing bump!

we've participated in "outrun the sun" the last 3 years. it's a benefit walk/run where proceeds benefit melanoma research. i've always loved a good tan but after 30 years im realizing that sunscreen & spray tans are def the way to go. don't get me wrong, i thrive off some vitamin D but this freckled gal doesn't do too "hot" in the sun. stay safe this summer and apply often. wouldn't want you all to be wrinkled "magdas." ha. i wonder if I'll ever blog from the computer again..

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tutu gardener

so remember when i was sooo excited about my new snazzy phone? how about 6 days later when I shattered it on concrete and broke the camera. sad day, unhappy husband (since he only asked me 90 times to please get a case but none i came across were cute enough) oops. thank goodness I now have a new boyfriend at the apple store who gave this sister the hook-up! I'm back!! so here's a pic!

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