can i just freeze her?

bragging, i'm bragging. oh don't get me wrong we have lots of "challenging" moments from our 3 year old but she makes us crylaugh every.single.day. no doubt, she's my saving grace during this chaotic time of our lives. (sold house, can't find a house to move into, third trimester in pregnancy) just those lil things... she is my bestest bud and having full conversations with your kid is pretty much the most awesome thing ever. she asks to watch "just a few minutes of elf" every nite before bed. yes the will ferrell movie. ok i'm done, thanks for listening. don't ask me what's going on with her hair. she kinda looks like justin beiber. we may need a bang trim.

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Brandi, Kevin, Makenzie, Bella, Jessie, and Duncan said...

Adorable, sweet face!

matt & bethanne said...

She's the cutest little girl with such a fun personality! Love it.

Courtney said...

oh kids....what a hoot