irish fest!

we clogged. liv got her face painted for the first time. we ate. we searched for good irish baby names. i snuck a couple swigs of guiness. good times.

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new obsession.

oh hey. i'm still pregnant. to be honest, i'm really not miserable...just super excited! i have lots of things i should blog about...but i have a new obsession that has sucked.me.in. & taken away from my bloggin time. holy pinterest! does everyone know about this? if not, sign up. it makes me think i'm going to be more organized, a cook, a professional decorater & leaves me inspired every single time i log in. but here's the truth...

haha. liv and dutch both had strep throat this week! ugh! glad this "bun" stayed in the oven to get us through that...& so thankful my immune system seems to kicking butt so far! oh! and i'm dilated to a "3." which supposedly doesn't mean much. keep you lovebugs "posted." xoxo.


afternoon chill session

i'm officially done working. i'm resting. nesting. & getting some priceless quality time with my gal. having contractions more frequently but nothing consistent. we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of this babe. can't wait for the best surprise ever! liv just "knows" it's a girl...who she's determined to name pink and purple barrett. awesome.

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hint, hint dutch.

do y'all believe in "push presents?" you know a lil sumpthin' that hubs so thoughtfully came up with all on his own to show his appreciation of gaining 40plus pounds and growing a healthy happy baby for the past 40 weeks. a lil 'sumpthin "thanking" you for pushing out that amazing bundle of joy. for being gorgeous, never complaning & just being a beautiful person inside and out. you know, that gift? well, whether you "believe" in them or not.. i sure as heck do. how sweet are these?

the ring is "stackable" to go with your wedding bands. stop it. it says mama.

and how perfect is this double-strand initial charm necklace for #2? hard to pre-order this one since we don't know if this peanut actually has nuts or not.. haha.