hint, hint dutch.

do y'all believe in "push presents?" you know a lil sumpthin' that hubs so thoughtfully came up with all on his own to show his appreciation of gaining 40plus pounds and growing a healthy happy baby for the past 40 weeks. a lil 'sumpthin "thanking" you for pushing out that amazing bundle of joy. for being gorgeous, never complaning & just being a beautiful person inside and out. you know, that gift? well, whether you "believe" in them or not.. i sure as heck do. how sweet are these?

the ring is "stackable" to go with your wedding bands. stop it. it says mama.

and how perfect is this double-strand initial charm necklace for #2? hard to pre-order this one since we don't know if this peanut actually has nuts or not.. haha.

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Courtney said...

no joke...Friday I literally had it on my 'to do list' to get dutch's number from D or J to call him and suggest to him that 'mama' ring for your push present! haha!