turkey day snooze..

we had a fantastic thanksgiving
with family, laughter, games and leftovers..
we had a total of 17 people gathered round the table..
and liv ended the day with saying, "da-da." too sweet.
God has blessed us so much & we have so much to be thankful for!


watch out world...here she comes!

not only did our baby girl crawl for the first time..
her proud parents got a video of it to share! enjoy!


7 months!

sweet lil liv. happy 7 month birthday! what joy you've brought to our lives! you laugh so hard you give us all an ab workout. you love all your vegetables. you think its funny to get your nose cleaned out with the "boogersucker." you can book it across a room like a champ. you are obsessed with blowing your lips together. your new best friend is your dog, mae. no, you STILL may have not conquered the whole "sleep through the night" thing... but you've had so many other accomplishments! you'll get there...we're sure...

we love you munchkin. you make life so much fun!


so fresh & so clean

i mean really...what is it about hooded towels with bunny ears that just scream "photo opportunity."


happy holla-ween!

well miss liv "strutted her stuff" on her first halloween and we were proud as...PEACOCKS! this costume was handmade with love by her very own omie. there's multiple pics to make sure you're able to get the full effect. fabulous, huh?