indy bound!

we're heading home! and here i am bloggin en route. we had an awesome time, i'll do a real post with all our flowergirl details when we get home. stay on the edge of your seats because it's a pretty good story. we drove to the wisconsin dells last nite and stayed at the great wolf lodge. not sure if you know about this such place but let me tell you it is a indoor waterpark bonanza! liv had a total blast and this momma was extremely bummed prego ladies aren't allowed on the big slides! i did sneak into the wave pool a couple times though, such a rebel. liv is so grown-up. she truly is such a joy I can't even stand it. her vocab cracks us up. I just took off my seatbelt to grab something out of the backseat and she said, "momma, you are so dangerous." dutch and i just spent the last 3 hours trying to come up with baby names which has really just ended up with a lot of laughter and "what if we really named it that?" such as grinin for a boy. Grinin Barrett. get it? and dutchess for a girl. wow. so glad we were able to get away and visit precious fam but I'm not gonna lie I'm really pumped about sleeping in my own bed tonite. & rumor has it indy is going to be in the 90's this weekend. bring. it. on! happy long weekend folks! xoxo

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wednesday pics

sand and pizza. and more new photo apps. ta ha!

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Location:duluth, mn


minnesoooota outings

it is so awesome watching liv have a blast with all her tons of cousins. it's in the 60's here. wish it was a tad warmer but all the scenery here truly looks like a postcard. yesterday we went up to lake superior and this morning we went out to gigi's (dutchs amazing 90-year-old gma) house for coffee & made from scratch caramel rolls. these pics are literally her backyard, so peaceful. we also had a lil photo opp with the vintage car. how fun is the "hipstamatic" app! I may need an intervention. dutch is out playing golf, so glad he's getting some time to relax. hope you're having a good week! this babe in the oven is moving like crazy and I love it.

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anniversary gift

i tried to hold off on becoming one of those "iphoners" that was addicted to a handheld device. but then on our way out of town for a 13 hour roadtrip, my dear husband asks if i'd like to use our phone upgrade. perhaps he's just awesome. perhaps he just didn't want me to talk his ear off for 13 hours. either way, I indeed have this new phone. I have no idea what I'm doing and I'm 90% sure my fingers are too chubby for this thing. also no doubt "autocorrect" makes me crazy. and yes I'm officially addicted. and get this I'm blogging from my phone right now while in minnesooooooota! I think I am anyway, ha. we're here all week visiting dutch's fam. here's a pic of our rockstar daughter in the car. stay tuned for more "remote bloggin." this is my trial run.

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it's a...

healthy babe!

boy or girl, we do not know.

all we know is we love "it" so.

all 10 fingers and all 10 toes.

just not sure if we need bowties or bows.

we know the surprise will be well worth the wait.

so excited for miss liv to have another playmate.

dutch hopes this cuts down on "sprees" at the mall.

ha, don't be fooled my dear man...it's on this fall!


i forgot a few.

of my favs. from liv's birthday party last month. my mom came over and had some pricless pics on her camera. & had to put on the old b-log. she's still talking about how much fun she had, so i figure it's not too late to post these guys. yes, we so let everyone at the party grab a fork and dig in to liv's giant cupcake. germ-free? no. priceless? look at that face and tell me if you think so.


this cracks me up.



before you ever become a mom, you imagine how it will be. then you're blessed with actually becoming a mom & it's so much more than that. being a mom is by far my greatest achievement. it's the best, hardest, learning, rewarding, fun and amazing "title" i've ever had. i am so incredibly blessed to have such an incredible little girl and another babe on the way. i think when someone tells you "you're a good mom" that it's by far the best compliment you can receive. i know there will be "low moments" during the journey of parenthood...but i will always give it my all to make my kids proud and lead by example. i pray they admire me as much as i look up to my sweet, sacrificing & amazing mom. i hope all you gorgeous ladies had a special and well-deserved day. i love all my rockstar momma friends. happy mommas day.


mission accomplished.

no, we didn't sell our darling home yet. we have had a showing every.single.day since we listed last week however. i've never lived so clean in my life! anyway... i'm real proud about something. remember last month when i said i was going to make those 'lil pennants for liv's birthday party favors for all the kiddos... i followed through! love it when that happens! i have a new obsession with "fat quarters" of fabric. and this definitely wasn't the most "budget-friendly" project. since every single one just had to be different. (why do i have to be sooo high-maintenance?) and i tend to goof in that budget area most of the time. ;) but i think/hope that the darling guests will keep these lil random flags. ta ha! thanks to my dear friend, "b" who so sweetly helped me cut/glue the fabric and my a-mazing auntie julo for sending me "initials" that she rocked out. obviously a group effort. but i wanted to show you the finished project! p.s. went to chicago last weekend for a quick family get-a-way. had a blast. pics to come!