mission accomplished.

no, we didn't sell our darling home yet. we have had a showing every.single.day since we listed last week however. i've never lived so clean in my life! anyway... i'm real proud about something. remember last month when i said i was going to make those 'lil pennants for liv's birthday party favors for all the kiddos... i followed through! love it when that happens! i have a new obsession with "fat quarters" of fabric. and this definitely wasn't the most "budget-friendly" project. since every single one just had to be different. (why do i have to be sooo high-maintenance?) and i tend to goof in that budget area most of the time. ;) but i think/hope that the darling guests will keep these lil random flags. ta ha! thanks to my dear friend, "b" who so sweetly helped me cut/glue the fabric and my a-mazing auntie julo for sending me "initials" that she rocked out. obviously a group effort. but i wanted to show you the finished project! p.s. went to chicago last weekend for a quick family get-a-way. had a blast. pics to come!

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Brandi, Kevin, Makenzie, Bella, Jessie, and Duncan said...

We'll keep it forever E. We still have our flower pot from B-day #1!!! xxoo