omg. seriously?

our snow angel sitting in over "a foot of fun"..




i'm super happy that two of my favorite girls here in indy
have also had baby girls in 2008!! what a joy!
liv & mckenzie have a blast together...
& we are so excited to welcome miss kingsley george to our "circle o' fun!"


gramma's visit from minnesooooota!

liv's gramma kathy flew all the way from depths of frozenland!
she was able to sneak away from her busy life
& just relax, play & laugh with her 17th grandchild for a whole week!
we had a "grand time. reading books, watching the ducks & lots of smooches.
thanks gramma for lots of fun! we sure do love you!


and i'll cry if i want to...

i'm 9 months today but i got the runs
my momma tried to cheer me up but im having no fun
blowout after blowout, going through diapers by the case
my pedialite popsicle even stained my face
hopefully my parents don't give me the boot
cuz even when i'm cranky..i'm still kinda cute

happy 3/4-of-a-year b-day liv! feel better soon!


missing texas...



liv was loving checking out the giant beautiful snowflakes that fell this afternoon...
if it has to be this cold..bring on the pretty snow!


happy '09!

wow. i honestly can't believe it's really 2009! i mean doesn't it feel like we just "partied like it's 1999." i know i sound like an old lady. we rang in the new year with our dear friends, the popps! we seriously packed up the whole "fam damily" including the pup and had a slumber party. we got the little munchkins to bed followed by an AMAZING sushi dinner (dutch had the chicken teriyaki rolls in the shape of a smiley face). the night was full of games, wii bowling tournaments & lots of laughs. they were without a doubt "the host with the most"..even a french toast breakfast new years morning. mckenzie gave liv her first toothbrush..perfect timing since poor thing is currently getting FOUR teeth in. YES at the same time. anyways, we had a fab one and i have a feeling '09 will be oh so fine!