sunday afternoon..

just a couple shots in our yard sale buy..
the cool yellow chair.
happy memorial day!


happy anniversary baby...

today mr. dutch barrett & i celebrated our FIVE year anniversary... unreal. thats a long time. half a decade. its even a whole hand of fingers. long enough that it was even before i had pictures on my computer.of course auntie julo had some she sent our way! this pic is from our first dance at mandalay bay. i just wanted to make a quick "post" and say..im so glad i have the same last name as him. he's only threatened to take me to divorce court just a couple of times...KIDDING. i love you more than life dutch. i know, i know... cheesy blog.


thanks unc joe & auntie lea!

they went to NYC & brought liv back this fab onesie.
im not quite sure why she's flashing gang signs.
thanks guys. we love & miss you lots!

mowin that lawn. sideways.

why am i too special to get the videos to turn?
oh well..im sharing it anyways.
dutch was cutting the grass & liv joined in.


gonna give myself props...

well it is mothers day for goodness sakes...so i cant really think of a better day to post some of my favorite pics of me and my babe. i mean i really do hate to brag...but moms are a-mazing. (including my own!) by no means, am i saying im the best mom ever but anyone who can "grow a human" deserves some love.. and if you're reading this hopefully you're my friend. so you can make fun of me later.. happy mothers day to all you gorgeous rockstar mommas!



daddy and liv playing in her "fun corner." liv gets bored and comes to find momma. daddy doesnt notice because golf is on the tv. daddy is sitting in an itty bitty pink chair. thank goodness momma busts him with the camera. i just cant stop laughing at this picture. like my stomach hurts.


"thank you for your purchase"

so we're pretty convinced our darling daughter is going to be on the "geek squad" by the time she graduates from pre-school. not only can she add new contacts in our cell phones in seconds flat...our favorite new one is "aaargghhh" whose number is 3333333. she also now orders pay-per-view movies off the television. i ran to the "potty" while liv was quietly playing ..(how come when you become a mom you say you have to go "potty"?) i walk back in the living room and she's pointing the remote towards the tv and it reads..."thank you for your purchase." she paid $4.99 and ordered marley & me. i love my life.