"thank you for your purchase"

so we're pretty convinced our darling daughter is going to be on the "geek squad" by the time she graduates from pre-school. not only can she add new contacts in our cell phones in seconds flat...our favorite new one is "aaargghhh" whose number is 3333333. she also now orders pay-per-view movies off the television. i ran to the "potty" while liv was quietly playing ..(how come when you become a mom you say you have to go "potty"?) i walk back in the living room and she's pointing the remote towards the tv and it reads..."thank you for your purchase." she paid $4.99 and ordered marley & me. i love my life.


missdreampainter said...

well was it a good buy?

The Richardson's said...

At least she has good taste! You know it could have been one called Butts and Babes or something!

Chris and Tara said...