gotta start somewhere...

alrighty..baby girl is in bed and wanted to add more pics... i really am excited about this lil bloggy thing..it's like a modern day scrapbook but much cheaper and less messy. i hope i can keep up with it... so for those of you who i haven't kept in touch with that well..here's the latest scoop on us! we really like indianapolis..we bought our first home last march & live in a fun little area called broad ripple..its a bit "granola" .. but makes for a great afternoon of people watching... dutch is a full-time firefighter and loves it. i thought it would be super hard him being gone for 24 hours every 3rd day but im getting used to it & actually kinda enjoy just eating a bowl of cereal for dinner if i want OR like now..laying in the bed typing away and not bothering anyone... dont get me wrong i look forward to 7am everytime he gets off shift and walks in the door..(used to be to cuddle...now its to catch up on how liv slept).. how things have changed.. im currently still on "maternity leave" and ive been so blessed to be able to stay home and seem to never get bored. between baby yoga classes, washing bottles, poop, attempting to cook, playdates, laundry and sometimes even showering, im a busy girl. i do plan on going back a couple days a week to be a manager at anthropologie when dutch or my mom can keep miss priss... if you arent familiar with that store it is just fantastic and a fabulous place to get an a employee discount. the challenge is making it home with a paycheck...

so if anyone out there actually reads this im going to give you a "key" on words you may be seeing often.

LIV. our newest accessory. she's amazing and our joy. she started laughing out loud this week and i cry everytime she does because its the best sound in the world. hormonal, perhaps? and yes her name is really just liv. L-I-V, its not a nickname and its not short for anything. just like dutch isnt a nickname either...liv brooks barrett is 3 months old and is too much fun.

MAE. our mutt. she used to be our baby and now we just feel guilty and give her table scraps all the time...like it makes up for the lack of attention she used to get..awful, right? great dog..may lick you to death..used to sleep at the foot of our bed..and now sleeps in the hallway between ours and liv's nursery..we're assuming so she can protect us both..who knows? but i think its sweet as can be.

OMIE AND POPPY. my mom and dad. first time grandparents.i get such a kick out of seeing them fuss over their granddaughter. omie is the "dutch" word for grandmother..no dutch isn't dutch but we thought it was funny...and my mom says "ohhh meee"... when she's happy, sad, tired, surprised, or after a good laugh. perfect huh? and as far as poppy goes,,,lets just say i hope our child doesn't get shaken baby syndrome from all the bouncing he does to her...

GRANDMA KATHY. dutch's mom. may not be as creative of a name..but liv is #17 grandbaby for her..lives in minnesoooota and calls almost daily to hear liv coo.

VARMIT. my word for throw-up. for some reason i use it alot.

HOLLA. although a word that has completely run its course...dutch and i use the word "HOLLA" in incorrect situations for example..if we fall, have a good hair day, take a yummy bite of food or pass gas.

JULO. my auntie judy ball in texas and we're one of her biggest fans..

TEXAS. where i still call home. missin the best family and girlfriends anyone could ask for..

MINNESOOOOTA. dutch's home, also referred to by him as"God's country". it is impossible to me to write the word with only one O.

we joined the club.

so i honestly just found out what the word BLOG means not too long ago..pathetic i know..but a dream of mine has always been to write a book & i refuse to fall into the "myspace" world so...what better way to keep loved ones in the loop of our lives..so here we are! a blogging fam! especially now that we've joined the fabulous journey of parenthood..there's always seems to be something new. it may not be the book ive dreamed of..but im taking baby steps.:) i promise i'll make it a point not talk too much about spit-up and blow out diapers..