we joined the club.

so i honestly just found out what the word BLOG means not too long ago..pathetic i know..but a dream of mine has always been to write a book & i refuse to fall into the "myspace" world so...what better way to keep loved ones in the loop of our lives..so here we are! a blogging fam! especially now that we've joined the fabulous journey of parenthood..there's always seems to be something new. it may not be the book ive dreamed of..but im taking baby steps.:) i promise i'll make it a point not talk too much about spit-up and blow out diapers..


julo said...

Do you know how proud I am to be the 1st BLOG!
But NOT as proud to be the Auntie Julo of Erin&Dutch!
And "THE GREAT" of Liv is just icing on the cake!
To use my Mom's "quote"....
I've always known I was great...
but it took LIV to tell the rest of the world!!
Happy 28th birthday Erin...
know that I love you
love from, Auntie Julo

Poppy said...

Good Morning Daughter,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY. You're a wonderful daughter and I'm so proud of youg lady you have grown into. I love you so much. I regret not being with you today but I trust you understand that I need to be with a very sick "Pop" whenever I can. Again, I love you......and Dutch........and Liv. Thanks for helping to make my life complete!!!!

Love, Dad (& Poppy)

julo said...

2nd sentence..
Meant to say but NOT as proud as I am to be the Auntie Julo of Erin&Dutch.
(didn't quite come out right....always read out loud before pressing enter!)
love from, Auntie Julo

Suzanne said...

Erin, happy belated birthday! What a great blog. I love it. You will have to show me how to do this when you come. Can't wait to see you dutch and liv. I want to babysit alot when you come. So you two make plans.
Auntie Suzanne