the cake.

i will "blog" about my sons first birthday. it's really a great story. including 50mph wind gusts & 2 mommy meltdowns. but for now... a before & after.

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leaf hunt.

yesterday we went on a leaf hunt. we loaded up the bike trailer & went exploring. & then came home & made leaf art. sometimes it's the best feeling to hide your never-ending "to-do" list & just play. to say "yes" to anything your kid asks to do, within reason of course. it honestly feels better than crossing off the list. i need to work on doing that more... because they're probably not going to always hang out with me all day forever. we had a great day!

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Location:founders park


linebacker in training.

i have so much blogging to catch up on..including our sweet son's first birthday last week!! what! but I guess I've been too busy with shenanigans like this... seriously? he is pushing 5 times his weight. (don't do the math.) haha enjoy.

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