maybe i'm getting older. maybe it's because im a parent now. maybe it's because im a bit hormornal. but this thanksgiving more than ever i am completely overwhelmed with the thought of how blessed i am. i am so thankful i live 10 minutes from my amazing mom and dad and that my husband loves them as much as i do. i am so thankful for my goodie of a family and friends. i am thankful for a fun flexible job. i am thankful for a warm cozy home, my new frye boots, and my new shade of lipstick. i'm thankful for my health, my mom's stuffing and solotaire frenzy. i'm also thankful for black friday deals, bring. it. on. and remember...


mr. henry is here!

my dear friend courtney (who i get the absolute joy to work with) had her perfect little boy henry oct. 23! she was one of those tough ones who didn't find out the sex and i thought FOR SURE he was going to be she, we were all so surprised. well he's here and so unbelievably cute. we had one of our first playdates last week, as you can tell liv and henry were really into each other... yes liv may be 2 years older but court and i are already planning our synchronized dance for their wedding. click on her name to see the most amazing newborn photos you've ever seen. welcome henry and love you court!

when it comes to turkey day prep...

i'm not much of a chef...i'm more of a placesetting nametag maker. i like to call these my "dollarbin creative craft minute." made all these for 3 bucks. do you love it?


i just can't handle it.

so im sick. real sick. like ive got strep throat sick. you know what that means...having my sweet husband run the household while i lay pathetically on the couch. on the computer. online shopping... i've come to a couple conclusions. 1. i need a million dollars stat. and 2. im completely obssessed with free people's new kid line, "wee people." i mean can you eeeeeeven handle it??? seriously..santa is so bringing us a metallic fringe purse, stop it. i just died.


two and a half!

i'm not quite sure why "two and a half" is such a milestone age...but hey, you do go to the doctor for a well check and that right there is enough reason for me to "document" what's new with our lil gal. how many times as a parent to do you hear or say, "soak it up, they grow up fast..."? soooo many but jeez louise, it's so true! i've had so many moments over the last couple weeks where i just can't believe i'm having full coversations with my daughter. she is such a sharp little thing and obviously i'm one of her biggest fans. i wasn't going to list all the "accomplishments" but then i remembered this blog here is her "baby book." so here goes, liv lately: can count to 20, knows all her colors and shapes, can work a mean puzzle and can sing her abc's in three different languages. kidding. just english, hehe. (*note* i credit her omie for 99% of her smart-ness. she's so awesome with her!)

here's a couple things that have flown out of her mouth lately that makes me giggle:

imagine hearing these with the sweetest voice you've ever heard.

  • walking out of school yesterday i asked her why she didn't take a nap...she answers, "i'll cuddlebug with you mommy when we get home, okaeee?

  • driving by a starbucks, she squeals out the window, "look!! thanks a latte!" (see why at previous halloween post)

  • from the backseat, "mom! dad! please, no more singing guys!" (the guys is my favorite part)

  • after visiting a friend that has a dog named matilda that played a great game of fetch with her, "momma, that 'tilda is a great dog, isn't she?"

  • this morning she walked in our room with a major case of bedhead and said, "rise and shine sweepyheads"

  • another driving one (i swear she says the best stuff while we are in the car), "lets go get some popcorn from target, and turn up the music please."

  • an hour past her bedtime, she cries from her bed, "pllleeease, someone come paint my toenails..." really?

she still hasn't conquered using the potty completely, but the recently purchased yo gabba panties seem to have put things in full swing. i just need to stop being lazy and focus more on it.. why does it almost seem like more trouble? i've really mastered the vertical diaper change... i know, i'm terrible.

we have her doctors appt. in just a couple weeks, shes still a petite thing and i think she weighs around 26 lbs. she'll like it when she's older right? favorite current food is peanut butter & jelly.

and that's our tot in a nutshell. at 2.5! xoxoxo


cute. and free!

i'm not much a cook but i love to set a table. i'm sure most of you blog queens out there have checked out the ever so good hostess with a mostess blog.. but i had to re-post this. click here to download free templates. cupcake toppers. place setting nametags. wine labels. just a whole lot of tabletop goodness. enjoy!




it was a "grande" halloween.

yes she won an official ribbon.
yes she really wore a real headset like a drive-thru worker. for hours.
yes my mom made that apron.
yes a real barista graciously gave us the starbucks hat.
yes she sipped her chocolate milk out of a starbucks cup.
yes we actually took her to starbucks on halloween so she could trick-or-treat.
and yes she really did say "thanks a latte!" to everyone that gave her a treat.


steppin it up.

why must we always pile on more fun projects? just because there's not enough going on in a normal week, right? well i'm thankful liv l-o-v-e-s to wash her hands and brush her teeth. snagged an okay step stool at the local homegoods..but it's not nearly as cute as this. tutorial here. so stay tuned. ill take before and afters.. just wanted to blog about it so it keeps me focused and will hold me to it. finally, finally sweet-talked dutch into buying us yet another camera. (have broken 2 so far this year, oops.) but this time i got a warranty. a fancy case. and even a nerdy strap to hang around my neck. so no more cell phone pics! yay! i may even try and read the "how to manual." i'll post our award-winning halloween costume later! happy november!