steppin it up.

why must we always pile on more fun projects? just because there's not enough going on in a normal week, right? well i'm thankful liv l-o-v-e-s to wash her hands and brush her teeth. snagged an okay step stool at the local homegoods..but it's not nearly as cute as this. tutorial here. so stay tuned. ill take before and afters.. just wanted to blog about it so it keeps me focused and will hold me to it. finally, finally sweet-talked dutch into buying us yet another camera. (have broken 2 so far this year, oops.) but this time i got a warranty. a fancy case. and even a nerdy strap to hang around my neck. so no more cell phone pics! yay! i may even try and read the "how to manual." i'll post our award-winning halloween costume later! happy november!

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