maybe i'm getting older. maybe it's because im a parent now. maybe it's because im a bit hormornal. but this thanksgiving more than ever i am completely overwhelmed with the thought of how blessed i am. i am so thankful i live 10 minutes from my amazing mom and dad and that my husband loves them as much as i do. i am so thankful for my goodie of a family and friends. i am thankful for a fun flexible job. i am thankful for a warm cozy home, my new frye boots, and my new shade of lipstick. i'm thankful for my health, my mom's stuffing and solotaire frenzy. i'm also thankful for black friday deals, bring. it. on. and remember...

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Miss Cindy said...

AAAWWWWW! Thanks for your kind words. We are truly blessed.

All my heart,