mr. henry is here!

my dear friend courtney (who i get the absolute joy to work with) had her perfect little boy henry oct. 23! she was one of those tough ones who didn't find out the sex and i thought FOR SURE he was going to be she, we were all so surprised. well he's here and so unbelievably cute. we had one of our first playdates last week, as you can tell liv and henry were really into each other... yes liv may be 2 years older but court and i are already planning our synchronized dance for their wedding. click on her name to see the most amazing newborn photos you've ever seen. welcome henry and love you court!

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Courtney said...

Those are two cute kids...if I do say so myself!

PS: sorry for the delay in my comment

PPS: thank you for introducing The Mr. on your blog!

PPPS: had to take it to the third power....