sunday funday.


sometimes you gotta stop...

and smell the roses.
warning. im so about to brag about my kid.
i cant get over how much fun she is.
it seems like overnight she became lil miss talker.
here's a few of my favorite experiences with her in the last couple of weeks.
1. anytime you ask her a question such as, "what sounds good for dinner? or which book would you like to read?" she tilts her head & in the most adorable voice says, "uummmm..." like shes thinking really hard about it.
2. our dog mae and my parents dog tres were playing and gettin a bit rowdy..she got right in the middle of them and yells, "hey guys" like they better calm down or else..
3. i learned that miss liv decided all the sudden to start repeating what i say. oh no. this moment happened when we walked into trader joes and it was PACKED. she says "jeeez man da peeble." after i said "jeez. man look at all the people." why does make me crylaugh a little?
4. manners are important. and i love that she says please when she wants something. however, our darling daughter thinks saying please is the end-all be-all for ANYTHING she wants...including getting out of bed... "daaddddyyy puuuhhheeeease." over and over and over again. think she gets her way? well of course. daddy is a softie.
5. liv is loving watching the olympics. she's been yelling "hockey!" all day today. dutch is on cloud nine.
6. she finally said "omie!" mom and i both cried.
7. we dont have a monitor in her room anymore. but at omie and poppy's there's one in her room upstairs. on super bowl sunday, i laid her down for a nap and we were all in the kitchen. she obviously wasn't tired because we sat there laughing at our future american idol singing.. after about 30 minutes of singing she yells, "momma?.......pause 10 seconds..... daddy?..........pause 10 seconds..... anybody?"
ok thats all i got for now.
just had to "document" one of my favorite stages ever.


superbowl XLIV!

this is what happens when the entire town is sold out of colts toddler gear. thank goodness for kate's tutu she made. go colts!


liv and i tried to make a snowman yesterday.
we both agreed it was just a bit too blistery cold to enjoy.
so we took a shortcut.
meet snowbob.
you know what they say..A for effort!


no subject.

no reason for this post really.
but i just realized i never posted a couple of my favorite pics from our latest photo shoot.
so here there are.
a couple months later.
have a great weekend!


the finished product.


craft minute.

{gotta love playdates of making handmade valentines}