i heart december "mail time."

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merry merry christmas! finn's first!

bad mom alert. bad mom alert. this is one of the only pictures i snapped on christmas morning! i did however have them in matching festive pajamas so give me some credit there... here's what happened: our sweet liv woke up christmas eve morning with that dreaded throw-up virus. talk about heart-breaking! i mean to have the pukes is bad enough...but on christmas eve...the one day you WANT your children to be running around the house wild with excitement. i honestly have never seen her so sick. all our christmas eve plans went down the drain but at least i was able to snuggle with my little girl all day long. that's all she wanted was for me to hold her. so that's exactly what we did. that night, i asked her if she wanted me to help her write a note to santa to put beside the cookies. it said, "dear santa, on christmas i will feel better. that's it. love, liv." 7am rolled around...and our girl was back in full effect! i have to remind myself every single time how resilient kids are. it really is kinda amazing. we had a great, great christmas. i don't know which gift i'm loving most right now...the keurig coffee maker, my sonicare toothbrush or the adorb minnetonka boots. the day after christmas we went to kentucky for the week for a much-needed visit with family. a good time was had by all!


christmas card 2011.

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3 months!

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how we roll.

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instagram intervention.

i need one. almost as much as I need a pinterest one. and yes it's 2:58am and i'm a-bloggin. call it momsomnia. call it passing the time while your kiddo is getting milky... (yes he's 11weeks old and still loves his middle of the nite feedings.) anyways, wanted to post these goodies. happy christmas week!

1.) daddy smirk

2.) a mini fir for the dance teacher

3.) wrappin things up

4.) those stinking cheeks

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everytime dutch walks in the door from being on shift...liv squeals his name and runs as hard as she can to be swept up in his arms. it gets me every time. as much as I'd love for him to be home every night...i really am so proud of him. he sees more disturbing sutuations in a 24 hour period than most of us have seen in a lifetime. he loves his job and I love him. snapped this sweet moment yesterday. he brought her home a pink fire helmet. the perfect accessory for all her princess dresses.

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schnizzle's back!

which means our 3 year old is a complete angel. gotta love that.

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