pic of the week.

this one's for you, kate!



that's the number of days i've had the pleasure of being mrs. barrett. no, i haven't really been counting but since today is in fact our six year anniversary.. i just timed 365 x 6. impressive, eh? well as we all know, life gets busy & this year i really felt like our anniversary crept up so quickly..here it came..with no talk of a babysitter, a dinner reservation, zippo. yesterday evening i thought about how we had no plans to celebrate and got a bit in the dumps. dutch has been working his tail off lately and i wondered for a minute if my usual pretty romantic hubs had lost the "pep in his step." i thought to myself.." well maybe we can go to one of our fav weekend brunch places...and perhaps i'll shave my legs." wow how things have changed.

well boy was i wrong. mr. barrett hands me a card {figured it would say the same sweet stuff with lots of misspelled words.} um. not so much. more like the man i fell head over heels for years ago has booked us a looong special weekend to new york! next weekend! i have never been and it's always been an absolute dream of mine. we will be there in less than a week and i am just thrilled beyond belief. i've already booked a blowout at the bumble and bumble salon! ha! and watch out al roker..here i come. oh..and i've been singing the song below nonstop all day with some amazing dance moves to go along with it. i love you, dutch barrett. you still got it boy. you still got it.


bathtime fun!


my new biz venture!

well some of you already know about my fun news, but if the others out there haven't fallen off the "edge of your seat" yet.. im ready to spill the beans! here's the scoop: you all know my obsession i have with etsy.. well last year, i scored the most adorable shirt for miss liv on a shop called vintage lucys. i was completely impressed by how well made it was, how well it washed and of course how stinkin cute it was! i started "following" the vintage lucys blog and it quickly became one of my favorite childrens clothing line... flash forward to now... i am THRILLED to announce i am the official {trunk queen for indiana} of this oh so cute line!!! i'm the gal who goes to peoples houses or businesses, sets up my samples and has adorable shows. sizes newborn to age 12! for girls & boys! they also have some darling accessories for even us grown-ups to rock out. i had my first show here at my casa last week and it was an absolute blast. sooooo if you're in indiana, call me! and if you're anywhere else..check out their website and get the word out on this goodie of a line. if you like what you see, email me or leave a comment &i can give you more info on becoming a {queen} yourself! and once an area is taken, it's gone! i posted a few pics for a sneak peek. l-o-v-e. i'm a bit excited if you can't tell. wish me luck!


cheeseburger in paradise.

it was a bit of a dreary, rainy and overcast weekend. however, thanks to sweet poppy we were still able to make it out to the jimmy buffett concert. all i can say is it was without a doubt some of the best "people-watching" ive experienced in a loooong time. i mean how can you not have a great time when you get the pleasure of meeting this hottie...


almost famous.

ok how cool is this.. remember a post i did earlier about how i love sidewalk chalk. well my darling friend kristyn who is loyal "follower" of mine.. maybe kinda loved my fancy writing i rocked out on my driveway and invited me on over for a "craft minute". she had a vision and needed my help to fulfill it! i was honored. not too long ago she treated herself to an AMAZING giant letterpress.. have you ever seen one of these machines? they are truly insane! so here's how it went down: i used my handwritin skills, she sent it off to chicago, a gal in chicago turned it into a letterpress stamp, mailed it back, and then kristyn cranked out the most adorable "hand-written" baby invitations! i am so proud and ready to sell my "kidfont" to microsoft word. im thinking i'll name it "liv." do you love it?


so blessed to be this...

hope your mother's day was simply perfect.


momma tested. momma approved.

i kinda love it when "well-oiled" mommas tell me a few of their favorite things.. and while by no means do i consider myself one of those women yet..

im sharing a few of my fav finds this week.. we should start a "my momma find monday" and all share our latest and greatest finds. do you maybe love that idea? somebody leave a comment so i dont feel like an idiot.
here goes:

1. the frog pod by boon. we got this for liv for her birthday.. i usually hate plastic crap..but not this goodie. seriously its so nice having one place for the million of bath toys, it scoops. it drains. and yes i think hes actually quite cute.

2. to-go bibs by dwell! shut up how good are these? my husband may say waste of $$ but he'll learn.. keep this booklet of tear-off bibs in the car and you're golden. in the most adorable prints too may i add. i snagged mine at olivers twist but if you're not in indy.. they are also on amazon.com.

3. yes i own a knife and i know how to cut a sandwich. but why would you want to do that when you can use one of these little boogers? crust-free and pb&j perfection in no time. i swear my child eats more when i cut her sandwiches with this.. oh and they come in different shapes. the hearts one is pretty adorable too.

happy "my momma find monday!"