momma tested. momma approved.

i kinda love it when "well-oiled" mommas tell me a few of their favorite things.. and while by no means do i consider myself one of those women yet..

im sharing a few of my fav finds this week.. we should start a "my momma find monday" and all share our latest and greatest finds. do you maybe love that idea? somebody leave a comment so i dont feel like an idiot.
here goes:

1. the frog pod by boon. we got this for liv for her birthday.. i usually hate plastic crap..but not this goodie. seriously its so nice having one place for the million of bath toys, it scoops. it drains. and yes i think hes actually quite cute.

2. to-go bibs by dwell! shut up how good are these? my husband may say waste of $$ but he'll learn.. keep this booklet of tear-off bibs in the car and you're golden. in the most adorable prints too may i add. i snagged mine at olivers twist but if you're not in indy.. they are also on amazon.com.

3. yes i own a knife and i know how to cut a sandwich. but why would you want to do that when you can use one of these little boogers? crust-free and pb&j perfection in no time. i swear my child eats more when i cut her sandwiches with this.. oh and they come in different shapes. the hearts one is pretty adorable too.

happy "my momma find monday!"


Tara Morgan said...

great idea!! I like the frog bath thing and I think I would like the sandwich cutter when it's time. The bibs are cuter than mine, but we use disposables all the time. They're just the Bibsters that I get at Walmart and we use them mostly when we go out or something.

Courtney said...

Stone and I saw that frog pod thing at Target a few weeks back and dubbed it awesome.

McGaha's said...

Erin have you checked out my mommy blog http://www.babyproductsmommyblog.blogspot.com/

I love stuff like this. Please please keep them coming. I will look for the Dwell bibs for my store. I use the sandwich cutter all the time. We have the hearts and Emma loves it and I totally agree that she eats more when I use it. Have you seen the ones from ToddlerBites. I use it alot too. I first bought it for Henry so he wouldn't choke. But Emma likes it too. Henry loves the Hot Dog cutter also but I can't get Emma to eat ANY meat so she could care less. I love keeping up with your sweet family. Thanks.