that's the number of days i've had the pleasure of being mrs. barrett. no, i haven't really been counting but since today is in fact our six year anniversary.. i just timed 365 x 6. impressive, eh? well as we all know, life gets busy & this year i really felt like our anniversary crept up so quickly..here it came..with no talk of a babysitter, a dinner reservation, zippo. yesterday evening i thought about how we had no plans to celebrate and got a bit in the dumps. dutch has been working his tail off lately and i wondered for a minute if my usual pretty romantic hubs had lost the "pep in his step." i thought to myself.." well maybe we can go to one of our fav weekend brunch places...and perhaps i'll shave my legs." wow how things have changed.

well boy was i wrong. mr. barrett hands me a card {figured it would say the same sweet stuff with lots of misspelled words.} um. not so much. more like the man i fell head over heels for years ago has booked us a looong special weekend to new york! next weekend! i have never been and it's always been an absolute dream of mine. we will be there in less than a week and i am just thrilled beyond belief. i've already booked a blowout at the bumble and bumble salon! ha! and watch out al roker..here i come. oh..and i've been singing the song below nonstop all day with some amazing dance moves to go along with it. i love you, dutch barrett. you still got it boy. you still got it.


missdreampainter said...

oh what a blast!!! you will love love love it, i guess now you will need to raid my closet for more than just a dress:) we still on for tomorrow.

The Morgan Family said...

OMG!!! AWESOME!! I'm so excited for you. You are going to love it. Dutch did great. I can't wait to see pics. Love you

kristyn said...

this post just warms my heart. you guys are so perfect for eachother and its nice to see someone post such nice things about their spouse. have a great time in nyc. you guys deserve it!

The Richardson's said...

yeah yeah yeah...congrats and all that...;)

But I'm having LIV withdrawls