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5 months.

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superbowl 46.

indianapolis snagged the honor of hosting the super bowl. not gonna lie, it was pretty cool to see & i was for once actually okay with the fact that i live in indiana in the month of february. (i swear it's usually the longest "shortest" month ever, full of cold & darkness.) but no! amazing weather & such a fun vibe. it kinda felt like a trashier sportier version of times square. hahaha. we were so glad we got a pic of finn downtown just so he can look at it one day and think "well, that's pretty cool."

p.s. how good was madonna's halftime show?


beyonce bond.

i know no one will ever believe this.. but if baby barrett #2 would have had girl parts.. her name was going to be "evie blue." i mean does anyone else think its crazy beyonce + jay z named their baby girl "blue ivy?" i was so meant to be famous.. ps. my hair was this perfect after i pushed out a kid too. haha. happy weekend all!

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4 months.

i have been slacking on this ole here b-log! one day i will better manage my time, i just know it! finn is 4 months old and pretty much just awesome. huge. and down right one of the smiley-est babes I've ever come across. WAY more easy to please than miss liv ever was. not that I would change her for the world...she just would used to make us WORK for a belly laugh. finn just needs to you to slightly look in his direction for one of the best chuckles you've ever heard. his laugh even sounds chubby. it's amazing. i have alot to blog about so stay tuned my sweet readers. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone