we brought a souvenir back from texas last weekend.. went to go surprise miss tara for her 30th birthday! (pics to come) and were able to bring crystal aka "crickle" aka auntie ris back with us. so glad to be able to spend quality time with her!! finally had some sunshine here and went to feed the quack-quacks..

props to the hubs.

i'm so sure, dutch barrett whipped this guy up for a baby shower i hosted a couple weekends ago.. a "baby carriage fruit bowl"... i just had to give him a shout out.. now if he starts monogramming something, ill be worried... but for now, im just one impressed wife.



ok maybe this isnt that funny..but for some reason it makes me laugh. we finally made it to the adorable barbie exhibit at the childrens musuem. liv and mak "walked the runway at the fashion show"... i think liv got a bit overwhelmed. bless her heart.