as most of you know i LOVE www.etsy.com. one of my first purchases was the dress i stumbled upon for liv to wear to her first birthday party. (oh my. look how much she's grown!) the designer is: courtneycourtney. i love her stuff! so fun and comfortable. such a simple idea but i just can't get enough. im inspired to rip apart old t-shirts and attempt this but i can't even sew a button on so then again maybe not. i just wanted to share her website..*click on the name*
and i love the numbers for birthdays. good, huh?


and after i paint my stairs..

im going to stencil numbers on them. why do i think this is so cute? does anyone else kinda love this? & what a fun way to teach your kiddo to count, right? can you tell im hunkered down while there's a small blizzard happening outside...and coming up with new projects? happy monday! oh and a big welcome to baby hutch brooks! congrats ratzlaff fam!


love this.

found this print by heidi burton on a blog i like read...
adorable. she has an etsy shop too!

future band nerd?

and then she was a big girl..

although i've only been a parent for less than 2 years..i'm pretty sure every parent has that moment. that moment when you realize your "baby", which will ALWAYS be your "baby" is indeed not quite a "baby" anymore. i had this moment yesterday morning. liv has been saying new words everyday. she wasn't quite putting many words together yet, but my "baby's" first sentence was yesterday morning & i have to share. picture this: first thing in the morning, before my cup of coffee.. im popping some waffles in the toaster for liv. i have on an actual nightgown which is different than my normal pajama pants. i would have never thought about that fact but its amazing how these lil tots notice everything. she quickly comes tottin up to me, raises my nightgown, bends down and checks out my rear. i turn around to look at her and clear as day with a bit of a texas drawl asks, " you gotta dress on momma?"

that moment continued when i saw my little darlin standing on her stool all by her lonesome scrubbing those pearly whites. she may be officially a "big girl" but (cue mariah carey music here).."she'll always be my baby."


new ride.

thank you mana for liv's new wheels! she LOVES it. she usually won't get in it without her handbag, cell phone & loading up her multiple baby dolls in the back. dutch and i are considering somehow installing cupholders on this thing since she's in there so much. she kills me. happy weekend all!


about that bike..

see told you it had seatbelts. do you love it?



hold your horses now. im "bloggin" about something other than my daughter. im entirely guilty of getting "click-happy" and stumbling upon such fun blogs.
so inspirational!

this week i love/want:

this bathtub.

to paint my stairs hot pink.

our next house will have this front porch.

and lastly, liv & i NEED this bike as soon as all this snow melts away...fyi. the bucket has seatbelts in it. i cant even handle it.

ok thats all for now.


our jetsetter.

we're back & happy 10!

quick sum-up of the last 2 weeks of our the lives:
blizzards. flight changes. first flights. tour of a cockpit. laughs.torn acl. & yes that would be my husbands..and no im not kidding. happy birthday jesus. family. friends. more snow. sledding. brrrrr.
3 new words from liv: football, snowman and nicky (her cousin.) solataire frenzy. gramma doris's homemade caramel rolls. hockey games. happy new year. most snow ive ever seen in my life. coldest temps ive ever felt. gramma kathy's cozy coffee shop. merry-go-rounds. home sweet home.