hold your horses now. im "bloggin" about something other than my daughter. im entirely guilty of getting "click-happy" and stumbling upon such fun blogs.
so inspirational!

this week i love/want:

this bathtub.

to paint my stairs hot pink.

our next house will have this front porch.

and lastly, liv & i NEED this bike as soon as all this snow melts away...fyi. the bucket has seatbelts in it. i cant even handle it.

ok thats all for now.


The Richardson's said...

You don't need any of this.

The Richardson's said...

except maybe the bike....but only if it won't totally embarrass Liv that she's riding in a giant tub behind her mom's bicycle.

Crystal and Jeremy Johnson said...

OMG. I LOVE THE BIKE!!!!! P.S. If you paint your stair hot pink, you will be my hero!