flip n roll.

liv had her first tumbling class yesterday morning. the ages for the class is 3 to 5. and miss "i will never be THAT mom" here so made the phone call to see if they would let it slide and let my 2 year 10 month old in the class... i'm kinda disappointed in myself. but whatever. they agreed. (just look at the smallest tot in the terrible cell phone pics and that's liv. ) anyways, the little gal has the coordination down. she really does...even is close to a headstand. her listening skills however...she failed miserably. all the other kids would line up when they were supposed to and our hot mess of a child would just run laps around the room..prancing...making sure her lil leotard skirt was flowing for the audience of parents. check out the first pic...somebody is causing a "back up" on the balance beam. she was going sooooo sloooooow. dutch and i had tears.


barretts, party of 4.

coming this september! we are thrilled to pieces. we have prayed for this lil blessing and our hearts are full! we had our ultrasound yesterday and my doc gave me the "green light" to spread the word. our little nugget's heartrate was 170 beats a minute & seems to be growing just right. it makes me giddy just thinking about seeing liv be a big sister. we have told her the news and she has.told.everyone. including the check-out guy at the grocery store today. "my mommy has a baby in her belwy. it's a bwother and his name is sam." really? i have been lucky enough not to be sick this first trimester. had a couple yucky episodes but i completely blame taco bell craving. i'm excited to have you "follow" me on this fun road of expanding our family! p.s. did you hear dairy queen has peanut butter snickers blizzards. peanut.butter.snickers. of course they do.



no idea what this face is. happy hearts day folks.


i heart my backseat.



i am so random lately. i need to be organizing my life vs. posting random things. but whatever. did you hear that h&m has a home line now! i kinda may love it, but i think you have to live in the united kingdom to get it. oops. c'mon amercia, get with the program. AND omg, why oh why do i already have to be married. kidding but anthropologie. has. wedding. dresses. i just died. can i renew my vows or something just so i can get one? in l-o-v-e. and last but not least.. liv got her first flower-girl gig!! this may! excitement! and i just ordered this guy for her hair accessory. good, huh?


my little shopper.


you'll never guess.

but we got more snow. do you think it's as funny as i do that she's worn this same snow suit every winter since she's been born? it like shrinks or grows with her. i don't get it. see last year here.


cabin fev.

do you think i can bust out all my creativity and make a crown like this by my kiddo's third birthday in april? i'm trying to be productive on this snow day but all i've done is... fry some turkey bacon, play with play-dough, read cinderella 3 times to a special someone, watch dutch chizel inches of ice off his truck, (i dont think i've ever written the word chizel and have no idea how to spell it), face-booked, contemplated making red velvet cupcakes.. i did sweep up a good pile of mae's dog hair. okay i'm gonna go have a dance party or something. i'm so glad i have new tan towels to use. and if you don't know what a "tan towel" is, let me know...they can save your life. stay warm folks!