i am so random lately. i need to be organizing my life vs. posting random things. but whatever. did you hear that h&m has a home line now! i kinda may love it, but i think you have to live in the united kingdom to get it. oops. c'mon amercia, get with the program. AND omg, why oh why do i already have to be married. kidding but anthropologie. has. wedding. dresses. i just died. can i renew my vows or something just so i can get one? in l-o-v-e. and last but not least.. liv got her first flower-girl gig!! this may! excitement! and i just ordered this guy for her hair accessory. good, huh?


the wyrick's said...

Shut up! Atlee is in a wedding in march and I ordered the same hairpiece!

Courtney said...

1. yes you need a profesh organizer

2. anthro can suck it. Mostly because I loved my wedding dress that was not from their store (so there!) but also because they wait until after we get married?....rude

3. Liv will be a rockin little minx!