isn't it amazing how you can be having THE worst day ever & then you come home to look in your child's eyes & everything is suddenly all better? liv has been my saving grace this week. a really rough week. spare you the details but im just so thankful for this lil stinker. alrighty. weekly wrap-up. liv now RUNS. like i sometimes cant catch her. what a difference a week makes. and now that she is a runner...she no longer enjoys sitting anywhere. not in her highchair. not in a shopping cart. not even in my lap. does this mean i officially have a "toddler"? omg. other new things this week.. a new animal sound. mooooo.moooo.mooooo. every animal existing in the animal kingdom is either a dog or a cow to liv. woof. woof. mooooo. moooo. next, she picks out books and carries them to either me or dutch and crawls in our lap for us to read to her. melts my heart. im thinking her omie has something to do with that trick..i think she reads only 90 books to her a day. also, a new fav is wearing her tutu..(thanks auntie kelli!!) i put it on her last friday and she cries when i take it off. she'd sleep in it if she could.. have a happy weekend folks! xoxo.


props to our pops!

happy fathers day to all those dudes out there that i know so religiously read our blog. im terrible & didnt get a pic of dutch & liv on fathers day... i left our camera at liv's bff's 1st b-day party last night. (great bash by the way, popps!) oh how our social life has changed! :) so im adding some pics of dutch & the other love of his life from this past year. excuse that some may be blogging repeats..dutch..liv and i are so blessed to have a pops like you!
amazing. thoughtful. and just a ton of fun. we love you!


who's the baby now??

liv LOVES her baby doll stroller. she pushes it all day long. everywhere. she mostly LOVES her baby doll too..however, a couple times i've busted our darling daughter banging her baby doll repeatedly against the floor. and sometimes she yells frustrated at her baby doll. its not funny..but i cant help but laugh that she's kinda "jealous" of her baby doll. dutch and i love on her baby doll and then she does..but maybe she's not too crazy about HER momma & daddy loving on anything but her. tonight i seriously turned around after loading the dishwasher to see this sight. she wiggled her lil toosh into that "other baby's" stroller... i guess she wanted to prove her point. cracks me up.

& here's another clip too... listen carefully. yes, we got her shoes with squeakers. great tracking device or temporary insanity? you decide. but whatever we were thinking...when she tried them on in the store, she started stomping and squealing with delight. we're suckers. i know...and may i also add they are glittery metallic. im just saying.


she's a real head-turner..

look ma, no hands! it's official. we got a walker. could possibly be the cutest thing ever to see something so small waddle around like a little person. tried to get a video of her taking steps...but seems like there was something back there that was more interesting. this clip is a lil long but i know gramma kathy was dying to see those first steps!


here, chew on this.

sunscreen overboard.

i've never been a mom before but im pretty sure i would feel just really terrible if my kid got sunburned. as if the kneepads weren't enough...

20 lbs.

breaking news. our kiddo..the same one who all her friends refer to her as "rexi" due to her lean frame... well..she's hit the big 20 l-b's. you know what that means? new car seat! facing the front! oh the things i get excited about.. so i get our newest gear and decide to "install" while dutch is at work...i mean i did graduate college, surely i can put a carseat in the backseat. um not so much. no wonder 80% of these are "improperly installed." i've never seen so many straps and buckles and such in my life. i broke a sweat fighting with it. and by no means will i wait til dutch gets home..i was on a mission... so what's a frustrated girl to do? call omie & poppy of course. they came to the rescue..and now my 20-pound bundle of fun and i both have our eyes on the road ahead.