who's the baby now??

liv LOVES her baby doll stroller. she pushes it all day long. everywhere. she mostly LOVES her baby doll too..however, a couple times i've busted our darling daughter banging her baby doll repeatedly against the floor. and sometimes she yells frustrated at her baby doll. its not funny..but i cant help but laugh that she's kinda "jealous" of her baby doll. dutch and i love on her baby doll and then she does..but maybe she's not too crazy about HER momma & daddy loving on anything but her. tonight i seriously turned around after loading the dishwasher to see this sight. she wiggled her lil toosh into that "other baby's" stroller... i guess she wanted to prove her point. cracks me up.

& here's another clip too... listen carefully. yes, we got her shoes with squeakers. great tracking device or temporary insanity? you decide. but whatever we were thinking...when she tried them on in the store, she started stomping and squealing with delight. we're suckers. i know...and may i also add they are glittery metallic. im just saying.


keri said...

love the video....so stinking cute. For your sanity....you can take the sqeakers in and out. I figured this out soon after purchasing these guys and listening to them for about 2min. WOW!!!

Meg and PK said...

Sweet little momma she is! We bought those shoes and had to remove the squeakers for my sanity....around our house the last thing we need is more noise. Liv is a doll! Love the video and all the pics...keep them coming!

JudyandRoger said...

Those squeakers are hilarious!
Liv is ON THE MOVE now!!
TOO CUTE! I can't wait to get my hands on her!
love from,auntie julo

McGaha's said...

We sell a ton of these. I never thought I would let emma wear them until I lost her at Dillards one day. She was gone in a second. We went straight to the store and I kept the squeakers in except when we went out to dinner. LOVE THEM!!