does anyone else....

  • get sucked into those tlc shows such as, "650 lb. virgin"or "my 300 lb. tumor"? why do i always watch these and dry heave the whole time. its not nice and i need to stop.

  • like how i "lit up" the top of our blog with chandiliers & lanterns? get it? cute, right?

  • watch "flipping out" on bravo? i finally convinced dutch i NEED a dvr...i got caught up on all my missed eposides last night and i'm one happy gal. jeff lewis may be my hero.

  • like that candy corn and peanut mix as much as i do? those sweet & salty combos get me every time..

  • notice that my tot is finally getting some hair? accessories here we come..

it's fall y'all.

don't get me wrong.. i miss the south. where your winter coat doesn't make you look like the pillsbury doughboy. there's taco bueno & "red drawls." and lots of friendly people...however, i must be honest..im kinda falling in love with the fall here! driving down our street brightens my days, the trees are so gorgeous. and i love actually wearing layers to the pumpkin patches without getting sweaty. here's a few of my fav pics last weekend. liv had some major cabin fever from the long sickly week and it felt sooo good to get out and enjoy the fresh crisp air. oh! and did anyone else hear about that kiddo getting it's digit bit off by a donkey at a petting zoo? i was a nervous wreck. isn't poppy adorable sitting "criss-cross-apple-sauce?" hehe. love u poppy!


never say never.

because i NEVER thought i'd let my living room turn into this. i also thought i'd NEVER get stuck in one of those tunnels or else i wouldn't of gotten in it. but sometimes you just do things you thought you'd NEVER do...



so yesterday morning greeted us with a 103 fever and a positive strep throat test. perfect. we've spent today doing....NOTHING. well i did read about 43 books to our weak lil babe but thats about it. my new pal & fellow blogger, courtney introduced me last week to the defintion of a "stinkface." im pretty sure liv's got the stinkface down pat. bless her heart.


mario andretti.

if i ever thought my child was a hot mess, i'd like to take a minute to introduce makenzie popp. aka mario andretti. she came over last night for a lasagna dinner (which may i add i made "place setting nametags" for) in my constant attempt to be a domestic diva. see attached pics.:)

i can so hear these girls now in about 15 years..the convo will go something like this..
mak: "see girl, you've always made me do all the work.."
liv: "whatev. you just think youre the boss of me and push me around."

and how sweet that liv reads books to her and mak thanks her by giving her sugar.
i really just love watching those 2 together.


"you're so vain...

i bet you think this post is about you, don't you? don't you?"