does anyone else....

  • get sucked into those tlc shows such as, "650 lb. virgin"or "my 300 lb. tumor"? why do i always watch these and dry heave the whole time. its not nice and i need to stop.

  • like how i "lit up" the top of our blog with chandiliers & lanterns? get it? cute, right?

  • watch "flipping out" on bravo? i finally convinced dutch i NEED a dvr...i got caught up on all my missed eposides last night and i'm one happy gal. jeff lewis may be my hero.

  • like that candy corn and peanut mix as much as i do? those sweet & salty combos get me every time..

  • notice that my tot is finally getting some hair? accessories here we come..


The Morgan Family said...

Yes!! I LOVE your "lit up" blog header. How did you do it?

Courtney said...

Of course I get sucked in to those shows on TLC, but the Discovery Channel is better. It will blow your mind with some medical lingo!

PS: love the header

LEARNING AS WE GO!!! said...

Seriously....If I lived in LA I would totally want to work for Jeff Lewis. I love how crazy and neurotic he is. He makes me laugh so hard. Love that show :)

Miss Cindy said...

Since you asked...
1) I've never seen any of those shows on TLC. They probably come on at night and once Ernie gets home the remote stays in his domain!
2) Love the way you "lit up" your blog. So proud that you are so creative!
3) Never seen it...see #1
4) Love it! Tastes just like a Payday candy bar!
5) Hooray for Liv's hair. Gonna be curly. Bring on the bows!

Brandi said...

Why didn't you mention that you are also in love with your P90? I wanna see it baby! Work it, Work it!