it's fall y'all.

don't get me wrong.. i miss the south. where your winter coat doesn't make you look like the pillsbury doughboy. there's taco bueno & "red drawls." and lots of friendly people...however, i must be honest..im kinda falling in love with the fall here! driving down our street brightens my days, the trees are so gorgeous. and i love actually wearing layers to the pumpkin patches without getting sweaty. here's a few of my fav pics last weekend. liv had some major cabin fever from the long sickly week and it felt sooo good to get out and enjoy the fresh crisp air. oh! and did anyone else hear about that kiddo getting it's digit bit off by a donkey at a petting zoo? i was a nervous wreck. isn't poppy adorable sitting "criss-cross-apple-sauce?" hehe. love u poppy!

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Brandi, Kevin, Makenzie, Bella, Jessie, and Duncan said...

OMG...Not good! I am rubbing off on you. Next thing you know you will actually finish the "Twilight Saga" and go to the movie with me and the other psycho fans!