mario andretti.

if i ever thought my child was a hot mess, i'd like to take a minute to introduce makenzie popp. aka mario andretti. she came over last night for a lasagna dinner (which may i add i made "place setting nametags" for) in my constant attempt to be a domestic diva. see attached pics.:)

i can so hear these girls now in about 15 years..the convo will go something like this..
mak: "see girl, you've always made me do all the work.."
liv: "whatev. you just think youre the boss of me and push me around."

and how sweet that liv reads books to her and mak thanks her by giving her sugar.
i really just love watching those 2 together.

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the wyrick's said...

oh those 2 are so precious together!!! and i am loving the table setting for your dinner....hope it was a fab time! kisses from us.....