future's so bright..

..gotta wear momma's shades.

i heart dad.


domestic diva. that's me.

berry cheesecake parfaits.
prep time: 15 minutes
1 pkg of cream cheese
1 1/2 cups cold milk
1 pkg vanilla instant pudding
24 nilla wafers
1 1/2 seasonal berries

beat cream cheese with mixer until creamy. gradually beat in milk. add dry pudding mix. whisk in 1 cup of cool whip. layer half each of wafers, berries and pudding mixture in 8 parfait glasses. repeat layers.

omg. did i just "blog" about something other than my kid?? wow.


photo shoot!

just wanted to share a few recent family pics! a friend of a friend who we now consider a friend too came over on a gorgeous afternoon last week & snapped away! we were thrilled! thanks stacie...you are simply a dear! she took some "one year b-day pics" too..but you'll have to wait for those. bummer i know. i CAN NOT believe im planning her first birthday bash. seriously. i mean i still use the excuse, "i just had a baby." crap. gotta come up with a new one..


do u see what i see?

we've got a curl folks! see it flippin in the back? yay hair.


just a swingin...

11 months old! this month's milestones: standing all by our lonesome, blowing kisses & saying "dog". well.. she said it 3 times while pointing to the dog one night, but now we can't get her to do it again. oh well. liv & i had such an awesome day..we had a picnic together on the most gorgeous day.. omie even came to meet us. liv swang for the first time & was just loving it. unfortunately we went swingin a bit too soon after picnic-ing. i now have been trying to upload this lil clip for you to enjoy FOREVER, it finally did & now i cant get to turn the right way to save my life. im technically-frustrated and instead of just forgetting about it and not putting it on here. im just going to ask you politely to turn your head sideways. . oops. ...sorry its rocky. hopefully you won't varmit too.