just a swingin...

11 months old! this month's milestones: standing all by our lonesome, blowing kisses & saying "dog". well.. she said it 3 times while pointing to the dog one night, but now we can't get her to do it again. oh well. liv & i had such an awesome day..we had a picnic together on the most gorgeous day.. omie even came to meet us. liv swang for the first time & was just loving it. unfortunately we went swingin a bit too soon after picnic-ing. i now have been trying to upload this lil clip for you to enjoy FOREVER, it finally did & now i cant get to turn the right way to save my life. im technically-frustrated and instead of just forgetting about it and not putting it on here. im just going to ask you politely to turn your head sideways. . oops. ...sorry its rocky. hopefully you won't varmit too.


Crystal and Jeremy Johnson said...

It's about time! I was thinking that you fell off the blogosphere! She is growing up :***(

Sidney said...

She's the cutest thing EVER!!! Love me some Liv Brooks...and her mommy!
Love you,

JudyandRoger said...

OH MY GOODNESS,,,,Ya'll will NEVER forget Liv's 1st St. Patty's day..or her 1st "just a swingin"
I was crying laughing ...she was having sooo much fun, and then the varmit!
love from, Auntie Julo