20 lbs.

breaking news. our kiddo..the same one who all her friends refer to her as "rexi" due to her lean frame... well..she's hit the big 20 l-b's. you know what that means? new car seat! facing the front! oh the things i get excited about.. so i get our newest gear and decide to "install" while dutch is at work...i mean i did graduate college, surely i can put a carseat in the backseat. um not so much. no wonder 80% of these are "improperly installed." i've never seen so many straps and buckles and such in my life. i broke a sweat fighting with it. and by no means will i wait til dutch gets home..i was on a mission... so what's a frustrated girl to do? call omie & poppy of course. they came to the rescue..and now my 20-pound bundle of fun and i both have our eyes on the road ahead.


Brandi said...

Are you going to come to my rescue when this happens to me? Love the grandparents! How Cute.

the wyrick's said...

oh such a big girl now! i must say, you are a better mom than i am by following the carseat rules because atlee had her 18 month check up last week and just broke the 20 lb mark too....a whopping 20.14 lbs! AND how long has she been in the front-facing seat?!?!?! shame on me!!!