happy '09!

wow. i honestly can't believe it's really 2009! i mean doesn't it feel like we just "partied like it's 1999." i know i sound like an old lady. we rang in the new year with our dear friends, the popps! we seriously packed up the whole "fam damily" including the pup and had a slumber party. we got the little munchkins to bed followed by an AMAZING sushi dinner (dutch had the chicken teriyaki rolls in the shape of a smiley face). the night was full of games, wii bowling tournaments & lots of laughs. they were without a doubt "the host with the most"..even a french toast breakfast new years morning. mckenzie gave liv her first toothbrush..perfect timing since poor thing is currently getting FOUR teeth in. YES at the same time. anyways, we had a fab one and i have a feeling '09 will be oh so fine!

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JudyandRoger said...

JUST LOOK at those teeth!!
And more in the works!
Tough time for liv and family.But we MUST have them, and brush,floss,bleach from this day forward!ha!
love from,
Auntie Julo
Happy 2009!