indy bound!

we're heading home! and here i am bloggin en route. we had an awesome time, i'll do a real post with all our flowergirl details when we get home. stay on the edge of your seats because it's a pretty good story. we drove to the wisconsin dells last nite and stayed at the great wolf lodge. not sure if you know about this such place but let me tell you it is a indoor waterpark bonanza! liv had a total blast and this momma was extremely bummed prego ladies aren't allowed on the big slides! i did sneak into the wave pool a couple times though, such a rebel. liv is so grown-up. she truly is such a joy I can't even stand it. her vocab cracks us up. I just took off my seatbelt to grab something out of the backseat and she said, "momma, you are so dangerous." dutch and i just spent the last 3 hours trying to come up with baby names which has really just ended up with a lot of laughter and "what if we really named it that?" such as grinin for a boy. Grinin Barrett. get it? and dutchess for a girl. wow. so glad we were able to get away and visit precious fam but I'm not gonna lie I'm really pumped about sleeping in my own bed tonite. & rumor has it indy is going to be in the 90's this weekend. bring. it. on! happy long weekend folks! xoxo

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