it's a...

healthy babe!

boy or girl, we do not know.

all we know is we love "it" so.

all 10 fingers and all 10 toes.

just not sure if we need bowties or bows.

we know the surprise will be well worth the wait.

so excited for miss liv to have another playmate.

dutch hopes this cuts down on "sprees" at the mall.

ha, don't be fooled my dear man...it's on this fall!


Courtney said...

yay for a healthy babe!

kristyn said...

Genius. Thanks for giving me something to read at 3:58 am.

The Richardson's said...

It may have 11 toes. I did. Haha. They cut it off when I was a baby though. I've been preoccupied with whether or not Lyla Brooks will have 10 or 11 haha. I guess I'll know in a few weeks!