anniversary gift

i tried to hold off on becoming one of those "iphoners" that was addicted to a handheld device. but then on our way out of town for a 13 hour roadtrip, my dear husband asks if i'd like to use our phone upgrade. perhaps he's just awesome. perhaps he just didn't want me to talk his ear off for 13 hours. either way, I indeed have this new phone. I have no idea what I'm doing and I'm 90% sure my fingers are too chubby for this thing. also no doubt "autocorrect" makes me crazy. and yes I'm officially addicted. and get this I'm blogging from my phone right now while in minnesooooooota! I think I am anyway, ha. we're here all week visiting dutch's fam. here's a pic of our rockstar daughter in the car. stay tuned for more "remote bloggin." this is my trial run.

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Courtney said...

you switched over to the dark side eh?

PS: i love liv....just sayin