nesting issues.

aaaahhh! we have a major issue. i'm nesting. but i don't know where to nest. our home is still "sale pending." we are dealing with inspection, appraisal, crap i don't like to wait on, etc.. dutch says no packing til this all goes through. i agree. it would be terrible to be all boxed up & then something fall through. our closing date is set for july 28. less than 2 months before my due date. this waiting period is killing me, i'm not gonna lie. we are struggling on finding the perfect house. that's the perfect price. and don't want to settle. this next house is THE one. the one our kids will truly "grow up" in. we can't just say, "oh, this one will do." sooooo.... we continue to pray.. for it to all fall into place, gods will to be done, for my OCD to take a timeout & to be patient. until then i keep telling myself it's okay if i dont have a perfect nursery. omg, you have no idea how much i want to decorate a nursery! my mom & dad could not be more awesome. they have offered for us to come stay with them if we don't find a house in time, save some dough, & not feel pressured to indeed "settle." so that's the scoop. i very well may be bringing home a newborn to omie & poppys. so blessed to have a back-up plan. instead of stressing about not having a perfect nursery and everything nice and organized... i am focusing on the amazing possibility of having built-in babysitters and home-cooked meals. ha! love my parents. so much. until then, im nesting via blog-stalking. i need a mix of all this in our next home. this could explain why i'm having such a hard time finding "the one." ha! dutch just doesn't want a moneypit...those always seem boring to me. ;) enjoy my randomness.

1.adorable kitchen 2. nursery inspiration 3.i have a huge ornate mirror like this, but it's gold. i'm so painting it white. 4. an entire bathroom in chalkpaint? swoon! 5. how fun for liv's room

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Courtney said...

if by any chance your nesting turns into an insane need to clean and your house is all clean...by all means, feel free to stop by casa stone and clean the hell out of our place!

off to travel the bourbon trail!......wish me luck